Lek Lai Tham – Cold Cut from Sacred Cave with Magical Incantations and Ceremony

Pure Raw Lek Lai Sacred Element for increased Luck, health, Protection from Physical and Spiritual Dangers, Meditative Concentration, and Enhanced Psychic Powers. This Lek Lai has been cut inside the Cave using Kasina Fire Elemental Magic and the Wicha Dtat Lek Lai according to proper Tradition. This is the only way to cut Lek Lai in a non industrial fashion, using only a candle, a knife, and the help of Kasina Meditation and Magical Incantation. This is one of the rarest and most preferred types of Lek Lai, and amongst those which are said to be the most powerful and pure of all types of Lek Lai. The only reason we are truly able to provide such items, is due to the diligent searching and study put in to the search for authentic Lek Lai undertaken by our source, who donates a lot of time and effort into seeking out and testing the authenticity of the products we provide on our website.

Size Approximately 6 x 3 x 2.5 Cm

Both a very strong amulet for protection and wealth increase, as well as a very powerful magical tool for meditation, and magical practice. The Lek Lai has the power to heal illnesses, protect from deadly dangers and even attract great wealth and prosperity. A favorite tool for Yogis, Ruesi and Meditators, the Lek Lai is a rare and essential substance which is revered as a Kaya Siddhi element with a Deva inhabiting it.

Its properties and miraculous powers are legendary both for their invincibility protective magic and the ability to increase luck and prosperity.

Kata Chanting and how to Worship Lek Lai >>>

Rang Lek Lai (lek lai nest)

The subject of Lek Lai and all the different kinds in existence is one of the topics explained in Buddha Magic Issue 5

Lek Lai Tham Chin Yai (large size for Bucha) – Lek Lai – Cold Cut from Sacred Cave wall with Magical Incantations and Ceremony
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