Kote Lek Lai – Recognition Factors Lesson One

In order to increase your knowledge and begin your investigations into recognising and understanding the different forms of the sacred Adamantime substance Known as Lek Lai, we shall begin with one of the more commonly heard of types of Lek lai Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance; Kote Lek Lai

Kote Lek Lai

DSCF6473Above; a piece of purely Kote Lek Lai composed elemental substance. Below images are of a Grade A piece of Kote Lek Lai which is full of Lek Lai Plerng and has Lek Lai Tham running through it, containing a total of three varieties of Lek Lai with nor earth rock to diminish its purity.

Kote Lek lai is a rawer form of Lek Lai, which has not bee, shaped, or fashioned into any shape, and is still partially embedded and fused with the rock of the cave,


This particular photo show shows a Grade A Lek Lai Ngern Yuang (silver Lek Lai), Tham (Cave-Cut) Dtid Kote Lek Lai Plerng (attached with Kote Lek Lai Flamed variety)


This means that there is pure Lek Lai dribbling over the surface in some points, and that the interior is the typically lava-like porous Kote Lek Lai, with its reddish tone.



The burnt amber shimmer indicates that the fiery elemental lek Lai Plerng is present, which is sometimes rarely known to also liquidize and form into small beads or pellets. These Lek Lai Plerng pellets are extremely small and rare, and have a small but extremely cult folllowing.




The below video will give you some initial insights into what Kote lek Lai looks like and what factors to watch out for.



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